Sam Cassidy and the Red Daughters Band

I've spent a lot of time on stages with the Red Daughters Band over the last few years. Hell, we spent quite a bit of time together before we even picked up guitars. As it gets to be about that time to start recording a new full length, I thought I'd tie up a few loose ends. This collection of songs (unlike Debts, or the next full length) exclusively feature the Red Daughters backing me up. 

Both "The Flood" and "Lungs," a Townes Van Zandt cover, have been live staples for quite a while. While we were in cutting a few demos for the next record, we snuck these in too. We changed up the arrangement for "Caffeine" very shortly after Debts was released and that version is presented here, recorded during an Audiotree session in Chicago. The Red Dogs take on "Hard Road", tracked during the Debts sessions, has been floating around for awhile as well. It's nice to give it a proper home. 

We'll celebrate this release at the Turf Club on Friday, October 7th supporting the Sheepdogs. A limited physical run of 100 discs will be available at this show, online, and in stores the same day. A free digital download will be available on this date as well.   -SC